Fly away with me (or not thanks to this hair balm)

100% Pure Smooth and Moisture Balm, $6.00 & $15.00

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My current hair cabinet is about 15 products deep. Mousses, sea salt sprays, dry shampoos, glossers, serums you name it, I have it. I really wanted to like this product, but I knew it would be especially hard because I have very fine hair and not a lot of it, so if a product is heavy, it will weigh my hair down and then I won’t use it. Who wants flat hair?  Read More

Big News

Lush Big Shampoo, $24.00

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Not gonna lie. I was really skeptical about this product. I mean honestly, have you seen it. It looks like oatmeal or tapioca pudding. It has salt and natural oils in it and it just looks like something you are not supposed to put in your hair.

Regardless, this product turned my hair into normal hair. The state of my hair prior to using this was, well simply a huge mess. I used a deep conditioner that I really should have known better to use. It was too oily  for my fine hair and even after two blow-dries my hair looked looked like I had not showered for days. It was really bad.

I had a generous sample of this for about 6 months just taunting me in my cabinet. I finally decided to use it. I was really skeptical, so I used it on a night where I had to do nothing.

I used it. It was weird at first, definitely something to get used to, as it is texture was thick, clumpy and odd. But the results were astonishing. My hair had honestly not looked this good in months. It was amazing.

My hair has taking a beating with poor eating habits (sorry Mom!) and stress. This resulted in lack of shine, flyaway’s from hair breakage, hair loss, lack of volume basically a product marketers dream  (I have tried everything trying to bring my hair back). After a rather sloppy blow dry, my hair was bouncy, full and shiny. Seriously bouncy, a word I have never used in a serious way to describe my hair, but for real, it was bouncy.  The flyways were almost non-existent as was my frizz. I could not stop smelling and touching my hair. It just does something magic and the weird texture is something you have to just get over.

Overall the gist is you basically get awesome results with just one product. On the other hand, the awesome results might have been deep to my deep condition the day before (in case your wondering, it was with Wen).

Update: This product contains sodium lauryl sulfates, so  I won’t be purchasing the full size product of  this which is really sad because it truly is a super awesome product.

The right moment

RMS Lip Shine in Moment, $25.00

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I have been meaning to try RMS forever. They have a great concept and are a safe alternative to conventional make up that can, according to the RMS founder, be very toxic. I really wanted to try the products but was hesitant to without trying on some colors, so I went to Shen Beauty and played around. I read a bunch of reviews of this color and product online which did not great reviews at all. Many of the reviews said it was too orange or brown. I did not find this to be true at all. The color is a great subtle nude, something I am really into right now the “my lips but better look”. They say the perfect color for you is the inside color of your lip. This definitely for me is the perfect color. It just looks great and relaxed. Maybe not something to wear if you want more of an impact but is perfect for all other times when you want to look put together. It does not have high shine, more of a noticeable healthy moistness. I find that since purchasing it, I have not reached for my lip balm at all. And have brought it out with me every time, I can’t seem to leave it at home. It does not dry out my lips and does not leave me with that addictive drying feeling that other lip products can.

A great nude, great that it is a food grade natural lip product. Very moist and very pretty on the lips.

100% Pure (Love)

All You Need Gift Box from 100% Pure Cosmetics, $59.00

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I am in the process of making my beauty routine non-toxic by eliminating all of the products with sketchy ingredients and this kit seemed like a great start. I am really skeptical about sets in general. Often in these sets some of the colors are good but some are not and you end up loosing out on one or two products. I decided to go for the kit because I was already purchasing the mascara and the Naked Trio. So I decided to just go for it to try some more products, as I am new to the brand. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Here is what I thought….

Mascara: amazing, really lengthens, is inky black and is totally shocking at how much it works. I have tried so many mascaras and this really is great. However, after extended use it does leave some serious flake under the eye but nothing you cant move away with your fingers. The flake was bad enough that I had to stop using the mascara. One product lost.

The Pretty Naked Trio is also really great. The blush is perfect, it is the barely there, the I just ran/was outside gardening or something and I am flushed for my light to medium skin tone it really worked well. Really great. I usually use just bronzer and this gives me a healthy flush that I am comfortable with not using bronzer. Breaking up with my bronzer is so sad, I really loved my standby bronzer and was on my third purchase of it. I have to say that the blush gives such a great glow that I am no longer using it.  The eye shadows in the trio are wonderful, super subtle, barely there, they just make your eyes look a little bit better, you certainly look more awake. Just a really nice wash of subtle color. The trio worked out really nicely.

The Berry Lip Cream Stick is awesome. The color is subtle berry nude (is a berry nude even possible) that just makes my lips pop and is just the best consistency. I have been using Nars Velvet Gloss lip Pencil and this is quite comparable in both effect and product form. It is a little dark, very mid-90s, but with a bit of clear gloss is super nice for pulling a low key look together. I often put this on when I don’t have time for make up really, it makes me look pulled together without really trying, aka something I am always on the hunt for.

The lip-glosses are very nude and neutral without washing me out. Again a very nice color. One is a perfect match for my lips and looks just like my lips but better, like a whole lot better. The other side of the gloss is a bit of a darker berry, perfect for when you want just a hint of more color. This product is my favorite part of the kit, I even emailed the company to see what the color was so I could replace it, but it only comes in this kit, so sad. I might try there other double-ended lip gloss and see if it’s a close match. I really can’t live without the light color.

The crème stick eyeliner I was most skeptical about. I really thought before getting the kit that this would be one product I gave to a friend. I was so wrong, although it looks silver online and in the package the effect on is more like the perfect grey black eyeliner. Very easy to put on, has a nice glide, does not tug and really looks subtle and not harsh at all. I hate eyeliner but this made me a bit of a convert for special occasions, I have been to a bunch of weddings and used this product and it held up for the whole event. Pretty awesome.

Overall, I have to say that this kit is really great. Every product except for the mascara is just pretty amazing for a kit and all of the products really hold up in terms of color, consistency and performance.

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