Get your glow on

RMS Living Luminizer


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The theme this week unintentionally seems to be  ‘things you did not know you needed until you have them, and then you realize you can’t live without them.’

This is one of those things. Read More

The lip balm chronicles continue

Sprout Lip Balm in Cinnamon


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Any reader of this blog knows how much I love lip balm. I have not counted my stash of lip products recently, that could be another post, but I know that its at least 100. Nevertheless, when it comes to most lip balms I have not that much to say, they are balms, they are okay. But sometimes I come across a balm that I cannot stop applying. Sprout lip balm did not start out that way. Read More

Prime Suspect

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Pore Minimizing Skin Perfecting Primer


More info HERE

Primer is one of those things, that you don’t really think you need. I mean its an extra step in the whole process, but what it promises might be worth that extra 15 seconds. This is the only primer I have found that does not have dimethicone in it, a chemical that aggravates my acne prone skin almost immediately. Read More

Sunday AM Round Up

Just some super fun thing from around the internet this week. Just click on the description to be transported to another page, article or lovely little thing.

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro Picks Lip Tar


More info HERE

What the F is Lip Tar?

I had seen this stuff and written it off as super cheap and not worth my time.

Then, after some happenstance. I changed my tune. All of a sudden I was on Sephora online and OCC’s website trying to pick a color. And then I came across this set. And bam, decision made, I had a coupon for Sephora and free shipping etc. so I think each Lip Tar worked out to be something like 8 bucks a tube. Totally worth it. Read More

Toxic Tuesday on a Friday

Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks


More info HERE

I love lip products. Clearly. So when a lip product comes out that promises a hint of color that says my lips just look like this normally, not overdone but balanced perfectly between subtle and obvious, I am hooked. Read More

Wax on.

Waxelene the Petroleum Jelly Alternative


More Info HERE

I was on the quest for my cousin Ben, to find him something to soothe his hands (he works outside and inside and just generally puts them through the ringer).

I came across this little jem one late night at Whole Foods.

Its pretty balm. Read More

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