Happy 2013!

tassel lemon

I hope you all have a most awesome and safe New Years celebration. I myself am off to a Kundalini** Yoga Celebration this year, something different for sure, but I’m still hoping to wear my glitter blazer anyway! Also, thank you so much for following and reading my blog in 2012, its been an amazing experience, cheers to a new year and new posts!

See you in 2013!

*Image used without permission from HERE, and can I tell you how long I have wanted that tassel for my office!?!?! Almost an eternity!

** Hari NYC, is not where I will be doing Kundalini this year, but Hari is my most favorite Kundalini teacher ever and she is the most wonderful and sweetest person too. If you are in NYC don’t miss the opportunity to go to one of her classes, really trust me, your life will be changed.

Stealing from your Grandmas Beauty Closet


Dabu Nail Hardener $6.91

I found out about Dabu a long time ago. Nevertheless, this top coat blows all other top coats out of the water. While I can’t say much on shine (all top coats loose shine within a day), what this one does, that blows all others away, is really keep your polish chip free for days. FOR DAYS!  Read More

P.S. Hello Weekly Round UP

glitter pouch

A weekly round-up of posts from my blogging at P.S. Hello. Enjoy!  Read More

Sunday AM Round UP

glitter dress

Happy New Years Eve Eve! Just some lovely bits from around the web. Just click on the description to be taken somewhere super rad.


Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 12: Lip Moisturizer


Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer $12.00

This stuff by Malin + Goetz is a lip balm, obviously. Its clear, has no taste, no fragrance and is pretty basic right down to its label (which I love). But what gets me about this and gets me to pull this out to show my lip balm enthusiast friends, is the consistency. Folks, wait- its a gel. A gel! Its so cool really, so space age-y. Read More

Tangentially related to beauty


This is so obviously not necessary with it being winter and all, but I can’t stop thinking about all of the lounging I could do with this towel and how seriously cute and stylish the whole lounging would be. Amiright? Read More

The Perfect Red


The other day I had a thought, a thought which made me pause because I knew it was so important I had to remember. Every time I don’t paint my nails red, I regret it. Totally regret it. Read More

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