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Saturday Styles: Home Update


Just a few things I’m eyeing to update my space without having to spend a ton of cash! Enjoy! Read More

My New Favorite App Since Instragram!

Favorite New App Made with Over

Check out my new favorite App for my iPhone!  Read More

Swoon Worthy


Just some super swoon worthy things…Enjoy! Read More

High End v. LoFi- RMS Living Luminizer Dupe


RMS Living Luminizer $38 v. ELF Essential All Over Color Stick in Persimmon $1

I love my RMS Living Lumnizer, it has totally changed the game for me on ‘highlighters’ in general. I really am totally in complete love with it, but it is housed in a glass pot, and another one my my RMS pots has already broken because it lives in my bag. So to avoid that fate with my beloved Living Luminizer,  I needed a alternative that could stay in my purse, without breaking.  Read More



The Name is Product, Product Pomade $14

I’ve been growing out my hair for the last five months and thus not getting it cut on a regular basis. I am at the tail end of this torture and plan on getting my hair cut within the next two weeks, but as I wait my hair is a disaster. The folks at The Name is Product, were listening to my plea for help with my unruly hair a few weeks ago and sent me some Product.

Well did it save me from ‘mom hair’ hell? Read More

Vamp a NY


My friend Zoe, told me that she sometimes finds my posts “not that applicable to her.” What? When I asked her to clarify, she basically said that I don’t talk enough about fragrance. She is such a fragrance girl. So Zoe, this post is for you.

Read More

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