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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil For Hair, Body, & Face Review



Body oils are the laziest way in the world to moisturize, they are quick and easy and way less painful than rubbing in lotion or cream, trust me despite loving beauty products, a good one has to be easy to use.

I usually favor Jojoba Oil (expensive for the size) or Sesame Oil (great but boring) for moisturizing  but sometimes I want something that smells amazing. I just do. So I stumbled upon this the other day and picked it up, because my Divine Oil by Caudalie while amazing is super pricey. This one by Fructis does a great job of moisturizing and I love the fact that its in a spray bottle, but I did find it a little on the thick side for an oil– so I might save this for the winter. But the scent, the scent is amazing. Its foral and musky a combination which I love with some powdery notes that come through at the end as it dries down.  Its pretty much perfect.

So if you looking for a good multitasking oil totally pick this one up. Super bonus I found that its pretty much a dupe for the Divine Oil by Caudalie 

Shop it HERE

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