Hello again….


If you are a daily reader of the blog you will have likely noticed that I have not posted in over two weeks. I am so sorry. Part of it was vacation and other life things mainly I needed a break from being connected at the hip to my computer. The other thing thats been going on is that every beauty product that has graced my desk has not jumped out at me. Nothing was super awesome or blog-worthy. I had nothing to write about. It was so hot, my makeup no matter what I did slid off my face and my hair was a big puffy mess. But the temperatures are cooling and I’m feeling the beauty products once again and I’m armed with an arsenal of new products to share. Stay tuned because I’m back!



I have a general bag obsession, its been a while since I got one, sort of, ok not really. Anyway, these are the curent bags I’m eyeing. Enjoy!

(1) | (2)(3)



My iPhone 4 has been on the fritz so it was time to upgrade and get a new one. So I started to purchase a phone from apple.com but then had all these questions so I called Verizon for some help. Then I had to figure out where to buy it from Apple or Verizon because they have different accident protection/applecare/insurance etc. I don’t know about other service providers but  the main difference between Verizon and Apple is that Verizon while being more expensive will totally replace your phone if its lost or stolen, Apple will not, and Verizon will not insure your phone if you buy it from Apple.  Just sayin’ thats important info if you can’t keep track of your shit or you bike a lot or whatever.

Thank me later.


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