Post Tequila Skincare

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rose mask - Moisturizing & brightening Review

Sometimes there are beauty products that seem too precious to use right away. For whatever reason, face masks for me, are those products I keep tucked away. Sure I have my staple mask that I use on the regs, but for special masks and samples that come my way I simply horde them.

I mentioned that I’ve been hanging out with vampires recently. Well, this weekend was no exception and its true they are into late late nights. It’s also true that after a few late nights + imbibing your skin can be a bit wrecked.

I woke up Monday morning and aside from needing to mainline a green juice from Juice Press, I also needed some TLC for my face and regular moisturizing was just not going to cut it. I have tons of these cloth masks laying around always waiting for the perfect time to bust them out. I bought this one for a flight to the West Coast but never used it on the flight and I’m kind of glad I waited because you do look really scary with these on. (Picture below not me, my cloth face mask selfie was particularly horrifying).

Cloth Face Mask Review

Because both my skin and I were dehydrated I went for this moisturizing Rose Mask from Sephora. I carefully unrolled it and put it on and then jumped into bed for some R+R while it did its thing. I removed it twenty minutes later and rubbed in the remaining product. It was like moisture on steroids. My skin looked way more post spa than post bar and stayed that way for the rest of the day. This might just become a post weekend ritual.

*Purchase HERE


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