Best Deet Free Bug Spray Review

I recently had one of my favorite couples over, Liz and John. We spent the night sitting in my backyard sipping LOTS and LOTS of wine and beer, both of which resulted in horrible mornings. Either way I used the opportunity to test bug sprays, organic and the not so organic. Read on to see which proved to be the best!

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backyard party

I hope you all had a marvelous 4th of July weekend! I certainly did and have a nice tan to show for it! Here are just a few links to keep you occupied on Sunday Morning while you detox from your weekend of BBQing and Beers. Enjoy!

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Talented Mr. Ripley

My parents have an awesome sailboat docked near NYC so summer holidays are pretty much always reserved for sailing. These are a few of my must haves to make the day more comfortable… Enjoy! Continue reading

Color Love ||| Y E L L O W & G R A Y


I love throwing parties, especially themed ones, by color or event. Yellow and grey seem so fresh for summer. Here are my ETSY picks for yellow and grey party decorations and some pretty accessories for the hostess. Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!

My family is religiously mixed, so while we didn’t celebrate Christmas at home, I have very fond memories of celebrating it at my Aunt Joan and Aunt Ellen’s houses growing up. Christmas Eve was always my favorite of the two days, all of that anticipation, food and family, it was simply the best.

Here is hoping  that you are having the most wonderful start to Christmas!


If you haven’t checked out my gift guide and need some last minute inspiration you can check them out here: Gift Guide 1, Gift Guide 2, Gift Guide 3. If you are that behind on gift shopping, you can always purchase it online and then print out a picture. I can’t lie I have done that before.

*Image above used without permission from HERE