Shiny Happy People or at least shiny hair

Phylia de M Three Step Kit $130.00 More info HERE Your hair tells you a lot about your health. If your stressed, malnourished, tired etc. your hair will show it. You can’t hide the fact that you eat nothing but popcorn, arugala and Diet Coke from your friends when you hair looks like straw and is falling out.

Get your glow on

RMS Living Luminizer $38.00 More info HERE The theme this week unintentionally seems to be  ‘things you did not know you needed until you have them, and then you realize you can’t live without them.’ This is one of those things.

Waiting for my Ruca

RMS Lip Shine in Sublime $25.00 More Info here and here I reviewed RMS Lip Shines before in the color Moment a few months ago. But Sublime, Sublime is quite another story.