Sunday AM Round UP

All week I had been seeing links and mentions of this Dove video. I ignored it as mass market propaganda. But today, it was an intro commercial to this other video. I ended up watching the whole thing. Its pretty amazing and totally worth the three minutes it takes to watch.

Dose Market, Chicago IL

So, today there is no Sunday AM Round Up, I am getting over a mega cold/flu/allergy mess and could not bring myself to round anything up because I’ve been sleeping since Thursday. Seriously. Today though I finally felt less like death and good enough to go to Dose Market in Chicago, IL. This was my first major outing in three days. 

Sunday AM Round Up

Just some lovely links from around the internet this week that I just had to share. P.S. If you are wondering about this picture, while I was walking to meet a friend for drinks, I noticed this curious pile of Fruit Loops and just had to take a picture.