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I love using body oil in place of body lotion. I think its more comfortable and more effective at moisturizing, especially early in the morning. I’ve used so many over the years, usually really inexpensive ones from Whole Foods, like jojoba or sesame oils.  But sometimes I like to use one that’s a bit more luxurious and special. The folks at S.W. Basics of Brooklyn must be reading my blog because a) I love lemongrass, and b) I love body oils.  Read More

It might as well be winter, dry skin hits early, and other tales.

Weleda Calendula Line

$12.50 to $16.50

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One of my favorite sources for products is the aisle in the drug store devoted to babies. Not only because these products are generally cheaper but because they are typically more gentle, super moisturizing and have the cleanest scents.

Enter Weleda baby products.

This line is amazing and has the most relaxing, calming, soft scent ever. I use the Calendula Oil, Calendula Diaper Care and Calendula Shampoo/Body Wash. Each product has that irresistible light scent and all of them soften really well without leaving a residue behind.

The Oil, is amazing. I don’t really use body lotion because its really just an extra step that I am not willing to do, especially not in the winter because my bathroom is SO cold. Enter oils. I slather these on at the end of my shower, and I don’t have to moisturize when I get out. The soft, clean scent lingers, but does not compete with whatever perfume I am wearing that day. I have only used this oil during the warmer months, so I can’t vouch for its its moisturizing properties during the winter, but during the summer at least, I was never left greasy or sticky, just perfectly moisturized.

The stand out of this bunch though is the Diaper Care. OMG. This is the most perfect hand cream ever. Whenever I complain about my cuticles being ragged or dry, it is because I am not using this.  Diaper Care, is super thick, almost like frosting. While it does not sink in immediately, the greasy hands aspect goes away quicker than most other really thick hand creams.  Diaper Care also has that scent I can’t get enough of, making this the most perfect hand cream for colder weather.

If having Diaper Care in your bag is not something you can get down with, then you can do what I do and put it into a travel jar. I like the travel jars from Whole Foods, they sell them in the Beauty section. They are a dark indigo blue and super sleek. I use these for everything, from face cleanser to toner, which I put in their blue mini spray bottles. Not only do you not have to carry around the Diaper Care tube, but the jar is much smaller than the tube and it is way more user friendly.

The Shampoo/Body Wash is also super moisturizing. But its really not a product that stands out as a body wash. The best part is that its great for travel when you want to carry less stuff, because the Body Wash is also a Shampoo. As a shampoo I like it more, it moisturizing enough without weighing my baby fine hair down and I don’t have to use conditioner.  I also use this a lot when I am at home and I am feeling lazy and know I am just going to let my hair air dry, its a nice balance and generally less work on my part.

If for no other reason, the scent of these products is pretty much perfection and enough of a reason to try them out, but if I had to pick just one, it would  be the Diaper Care.

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Liquid Gold

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil


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Jojoba oil is the haps. This stuff is amazing, I’ve been using it for years and I am always coming up with new ways to put it to use.

First, I keep a bottle in the shower and use this instead of moisturizer. It does not travel in your hand too much so you don’t end up with a slippery shower. This keeps winter dry skin at bay, and you save time by moisturizing in the shower.

Second, I put some of this on a cotton ball/pad and use it to remove eye makeup. Unlike so many other eye make up removers, this does not sting and takes off even waterproof mascara.

Third, I put this on the bottom portion of my hair, wrap it in a bun, sleep with it over night and wash it out in the morning and bam, awesome hair.

Fourth, I put this on my face as a spot treatment for dry patches. Yes, my face, oil on my face, everyone is doing it, no really they are, it seems like every company right now has their own magic oil. The molecular structure of jojoba oil is almost the same as your sebum, so it does not clog pores and does a great job of moisturizing in the dead of winter. You can even put this on as a mask, and wash it off, leaving your face super smooth.

Jojoba Oil, is so often used in fancy face oils, and its so basic, you can add other oils together with jojoba oil to make your own blend and save a ton of money. Jojoba oil though, on its own, is super rad, its basically liquid gold.

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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