Channel you inner tween and bust out the Lisa Frank

Gud Natural Body Mist in Vanilla Flame


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When I was 12, I wore Kiehl’s Vanilla Essence (which incidentally, I just found out they discontinued along with the ever so wonderful Coriander  oh le sigh). Back then, I wanted to smell like candy, now I want to smell like some exotic traveler with wonderlust. This desire for many years manifested in wearing a serious dose of patchouli, which my friend Zoe would constantly make fun of me for. Apparently smelling like 1971 is a bad thing.

Nevertheless, these two scents are forever hardwired in my brain as being both nostalgic and also what I was drawn to fragrance wise before I was lulled into other fragrances by packaging, excellent marketing, or my most favorite way to buy a fragrance smelling it on my high school BFF (Hey Rachael!).

I happen to live between two amazing Mom & Pop pharmacies that sell the greatest body products, making late night excursions with my friend Sophia, not only easy but practically encouraged. So when I saw this little bottle sitting among so many others I was curious, I had not seen this before. I was drawn in because it was a body mist in the deodorant section–something I have never understood product placement wise–and it was by Burt’s Bees. The other great thing is that this is free of parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals, which is great because fragrance is one of the most suspect aspects of beauty ingredients out there, and something that I find really turns me off to a lot of body products. So I sprayed some around me, much to the dismay of no one, as it was likely late at night on a Saturday, and I was totally transported to some far off rustic village where all I have is a beat up leather duffel and an impeccably well curated outfit.

It smells sweet and rough. The vanilla rounds out the rice milk notes for a scent that is woodsy, not overly complex and not like anything you might find in my middle school locker or my college dorm room, but something very at home in a rugged leather carry on. Despite the childish packaging, this body mist, is a welcome addition to my fragrance rotation and Zoe will be happy that I can finally retire the patchouli.

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