Lipstick Challenge Day 8: Chubby Stick

chubby stick

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm $16.00

Its basically and amped up lip balm. Lots of moisture, light on color.

The moisture part is awesome. I really feel like the balm properties are working, my lips don’t feel dried out over time, they just feel softly coated. The color, woppin watermelon, is a super light bubblegum pink. Its not frosty, but its not punchy either, its super sheer and lightly coats your lips with a hint of color. The wash of color does not make my lips pop or light up my face, but it does make my lips look more kissable (if thats a thing), it makes them look pillowy. There is something really nice and sweet about the color. If you need a new lip balm (and don’t we all), this might be the ticket, but this color is super super sheer, so if your looking for more punch, check out the other 15 color offerings.┬áStrong on moisture, weak on color.

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