Avoiding Anxiety Attacks


Pier 1 Reed Diffuser in Lavender $12.00, Refill $15.00

I love love candles, so much so that my late night beauty shopping escapades with Sophia started because we always seemed to need candles after a night of going out, you know for following lazy Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, despite my love affair with candles I am super paranoid about (1) forgetting and leaving them on and then leaving the house and  (2) leaving them unattended while at home with cats that can reach the flame. I can only rely on my lovely girlfriend really to double check that they are off to some degree, or once I put them out I make sure to move them to a non-flammable surface, like the sink or the bathroom, really I’m that paranoid. For (2) with the cats, I have only a few surfaces where they can’t reach the flame, but I am also more likely to forget about them there, nevertheless I still buy lots of candles. But sometimes I like reed diffusers, a good one can really scent a room.

My old favorite reed diffuser was by Method, but they stopped selling them at Target and online. The green one was the best and smelled like a field of just cut grass, think Gap’s Grass (bring that back please), and the purple one smell like girly clean awesome. Anyway, I’ve had some bad luck along the way with reed diffusers, some can smell just awful, super fake and can make me nauseous. But sometimes, I come across one that smells so good, and scents just like a powerful candle, that I really have to share.

Before the holidays, and before I left NYC, I had dinner with my lovely, lovely friend Bethany, and after drinks but before dinner, or maybe we only had drinks, we stopped by Pier1 to pick up some Christmas decorations. While wandering around the store I came across these and for the price point and the scent choices I got two one in Lavender and one in Citrus Cilantro. But the other scents were equally appealing, and none really turned me off, the hardest part really was choosing a scent.

Since I moved, I couldn’t find a proper place to put one until today. I chose the Lavender one first because this was in my bedroom. I was so surprised, I had forgotten how it smelled, and seriously, it smelled wonderful. After about five minutes the whole bedroom was scented. Not true lavender, but a blend of lavender, patchouli and soft florals, it smells seriously awesome. I feel like theres a candle burning somewhere but without the complete anxiety attack to accompany it.

About the bottle, its stripped down glass with an silver top, theres no way really to prevent spillage (Pier1 work on the design of this!) so if you have cats, or are thinking of putting this on your desk beware it could spill and ruin your computer (but scent it forever). I put mine where spillage probably won’t happen and if it does, it wont ruin too much, except for the piece of furniture itself. The oil itself is dark purple right now, I imagine that it will lighten with time, but you can’t really tell its purple it looks more like deep brown, probably due to the lighting in my bedroom.

Either way, fear of candles or not, these are a great idea for yourself, home, office or as a really nice hostess gift.

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