Saturday Styles: Etsy Edition


I love Etsy, for the sheer fact that if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for elsewhere, a quick search on Etsy usually yields results, and pretty quickly too. I love it for its great vintage selection of accessories and clothing, as well as handmade jewelry, shoes and beauty products. And the furniture, seriously,  if the shipping weren’t always so outrageous my apartment would look so much different. Enjoy! 

+ Midcentury Modern Coffee Table

+ If repainted this would make the most awesome vanity

+ Love this brooch

+ An amazing desk that looks very similar to mine

+ Hipster wedding gift

+ A pretty place for Keys

+ Love this vase

+ This Jacket

+ Rad Necklace

+ Perfect black flats

+ A nice happy print

+ If I could wear this neckline, I would snag this dress immediately

+ If only these were in my size, the color and style are PERFECT

+ Insanely lovely chairs


3 thoughts on “Saturday Styles: Etsy Edition

  1. I love etsy too, but have to be so careful not to spend too much money on it! It’s much too easy to buy too many little bits and pieces! Speaking of which I really want a new ring…!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our mid century coffee table! We do our best to keep shipping prices to a minimum but above a certain weight, our hands are tied… Love your other picks, especially those Danish chairs! *swoon*

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