Smart Find | Jewelry Organizing

necklace organizer

I have a few systems going to organize all of my jewelry  None of which particularly work. I can’t see what I have, and I always end up wearing the same thing over and over and over again. I’m pretty sure this jewlery organizer by Belle Dangles will solve all of my jewelry organizing and thus wearing problems problems. I’ve mentioned before my desire for a vanity and I think this would go really well in that general area, perhaps right above it? What do you think? Gimmick or genius organizing thing?

3 thoughts on “Smart Find | Jewelry Organizing

  1. I agree, I’d like to see my jewelry but some of it will tarnish quickly if left to the elements, so i’d probably get it and rotate my fav pieces.

    1. Definitely a good idea to rotate, I totally forgot about tarnishing. I really love the look of this organizer. Its the first one I’ve found that is not so functional (read: ugly) to be relegated to the back of my closet. It is for sure on my list of things to pick up for my moving back to brooklyn apartment revamp project.

  2. I love it. I currently hang my jewelry on a picture frame my friend gave me. She removed the glass and installed a screen. But it’s really only good for hanging earrings. This piece is great. I wish it cam in wood.

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