Get your Bride on

Schone Bridal Gowanus Brooklyn

It seems appropriate since today I’m kicking off the 2013 wedding season with Arienne & Matt’s wedding today. So I ask….Are you getting married? Big wedding or City Hall (my preference)? Are you a bridesmaid? Do you just have a super special event to go to? Whatever your situation you have to check out Schone Bridal located in Gowanus, Brooklyn (incidentally my favorite place in Brooklyn). Not only are the designs amazing, romantic and pretty much perfection, but everything is handmade locally in Brooklyn. Amazing.

I’ve had handmade dresses in the past and really nothing compares, they are just above and beyond perfect- between the fit, the design and the fabrics it is really nothing you have ever experience before. If you have a special occasion to go to in the near future– your wedding, your BFFS wedding or just another event, really check out Schone Bridal the designs are really unique and you can’t really beat handmade, trust me.

They need a little help and are doing a kickstarter-ish campaign which you can find out more about HERE, for some donations it includes dresses, really.  

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