Sonia Kashuk Moisture Luxe Tinted Lip Balm Review

Over the weekend I was in Florida for a nice relaxing long weekend full of clouds (still got a bit of color), Margret Cho, lots of plane rides and a 12 hour delay in Atlanta which resulted in a night with friends (Thanks so much Fauzia and Kristy!!!). Because of my travels my lips got pretty chapped between four flights, high humidity and direct sunlight (when applicable). So naturally on my trip I stopped in a Target, for you know sunglasses, airplane snacks and some beauty loot.

I saw this Luxe Lip Balm by Sonia Kashuk and picked it up. Its a pretty basic tinted lip balm, but its not so basic in that it REALLY packs moisture. It basically solved my super chapped lip dilemma while still allowing me to have a little bit of a color boost on my lips. The color Hint of Red, is pretty spot on perfect and simple. Just a hint of rosy goodness for your lips.

Shop it HERE

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