Genius Solution for Summer Weekenders

yaby liquid travel pack review

This genius little kit from Yaby basically solves all of your super quick summer weekending adventures. Each tube is perfectly sized to hold the right amount of product for a weekend adventure without lugging extra stuff. The syringe allows you to fill each tube with your personalized products from skincare to makeup. Its so freakin’ smart, I LOVE it! Bonus is that its TSA friendly and comes with a clear pouch with dividing loops help keep your tubes organized. The clear pouch comes with  6 empty tubes and transfer syringe. Buy it HERE

Face Saver: Manuka Honey


Manuka Honey $20.75

I’ve been hearing whispers on the internet for weeks about Manuka Honey. What was this stuff and how was it going to help me? After some light internet research I was intrigued enough to pick up a pot.  Continue reading