Face Saver: Manuka Honey


Manuka Honey $20.75

I’ve been hearing whispers on the internet for weeks about Manuka Honey. What was this stuff and how was it going to help me? After some light internet research I was intrigued enough to pick up a pot. 

So, I’ve been having a period of prolonged clear skin which is awesome (thanks to MyChelle products) but I did get a blemish last week (hormones). I felt it creeping up and developing and I just ignored it and I was sorry. It got a bit large and it was smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Anyway. I had just picked up some Manuka Honey, so I figured this was the time to try it out, so I went to town.


I put a nickel size amount on it and the blemish immediately went down, it was noticeable not only to me, but my girlfriend even made a comment. The size and swelling was dramatically reduced. In less than a day (with two applications) the blemish was flat and very coverable with makeup. The only thing that remained was a red dot, but even that has significantly faded thanks to this.

Basically, Manuka Honey bees only eat the nectar stuff out of Tea Tree plants, this makes the honey super anti-bacterial it even has naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in it. The trick is that while all honey has hydrogen peroxide and anti-bacterial properties, only Manuka Honey has an effective amount of it and a rating system, look for Manuka Honey labeled UMF or MGO with higher than +10. This will be the best Manuka to apply to your face.  There are tons of great articles about Manuka Honey and Acne, but this one, I think is the best. So check it out if you are even more curious!

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