Self-Tanner Anxiety Attacks: How to Avoid Them and Glow

Self-tanners are both exciting and terrifying– thats how I feel when I’ve ponied up the energy to use them. I’m pumped that I might glow and simultaneously terrified I’m going to be orange. Its a fine line that I seem to enjoy walking every time the temperature rises. 

Stealing from your Grandmas Beauty Closet

Dabu Nail Hardener $6.91 I found out about Dabu a long time ago. Nevertheless, this top coat blows all other top coats out of the water. While I can’t say much on shine (all top coats loose shine within a day), what this one does, that blows all others away, is really keep your polish chip free for days. FOR DAYS! 

Eyes on the Prize

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream $19.00 & $10.00 I’ve had this eye cream for a while, but never consistently used it. I was trying to finish up my current eye cream first. But last week, after a few really late nights, poor eating and generally putting my body through the worst of it, I really needed something to work on the under eye puffiness…