Genius Solution for Summer Weekenders

yaby liquid travel pack review

This genius little kit from Yaby basically solves all of your super quick summer weekending adventures. Each tube is perfectly sized to hold the right amount of product for a weekend adventure without lugging extra stuff. The syringe allows you to fill each tube with your personalized products from skincare to makeup. Its so freakin’ smart, I LOVE it! Bonus is that its TSA friendly and comes with a clear pouch with dividing loops help keep your tubes organized. The clear pouch comes with  6 empty tubes and transfer syringe. Buy it HERE

Simple & Easy Eyes

e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Brown:Basic Review

I love making shit simple and easy. Especially makeup. I randomly picked up this gem from e.l.f. and I am in LOVE especially for summer when wearing a lot of making is just seriously kind of gross.  Continue reading

Self-Tanner Anxiety Attacks: How to Avoid Them and Glow

Chocolate Sun Cocoa Illume Lite For Face (Light) Review

Self-tanners are both exciting and terrifying– thats how I feel when I’ve ponied up the energy to use them. I’m pumped that I might glow and simultaneously terrified I’m going to be orange. Its a fine line that I seem to enjoy walking every time the temperature rises.  Continue reading

Stealing from your Grandmas Beauty Closet


Dabu Nail Hardener $6.91

I found out about Dabu a long time ago. Nevertheless, this top coat blows all other top coats out of the water. While I can’t say much on shine (all top coats loose shine within a day), what this one does, that blows all others away, is really keep your polish chip free for days. FOR DAYS!  Continue reading

Eyes on the Prize


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream $19.00 & $10.00

I’ve had this eye cream for a while, but never consistently used it. I was trying to finish up my current eye cream first. But last week, after a few really late nights, poor eating and generally putting my body through the worst of it, I really needed something to work on the under eye puffiness and bags that were beginning to develop. Continue reading

Prime Suspect

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Pore Minimizing Skin Perfecting Primer


More info HERE

Primer is one of those things, that you don’t really think you need. I mean its an extra step in the whole process, but what it promises might be worth that extra 15 seconds. This is the only primer I have found that does not have dimethicone in it, a chemical that aggravates my acne prone skin almost immediately. Continue reading

Hearts of Palm

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Body Brush


More info HERE

I bought this brush a while ago, and it sat sad in a corner, until this morning. I was in need of a shower pick me up, and this was exactly it. The brush itself can be used both in the shower and for dry brushing, but I use this for the shower, I have a separate one for dry brushing. More on dry brushing later.

Nevertheless, I really like to have a clean back, but its hard to find a good body brush that will reach there without having to contort yourself into a yoga pose. Saved by the Palm Brush. The Palm is my new favorite because all of my previous body brushes were so unsightly, bright pinks and aquas that seemed more at home in a communal dorm room shower, not in my mid-century furnished apartment.

Its also slightly smaller than other body brushes, which is nice too, because I don’t feel like I have a baton in my shower ready to be used to defend against intruders. Even though the Palm looks like it would hurt, and even though it looks like a torture device from 1347, once its wet its really nice and soft and feels super ‘massage-y.’

This is definitely something I am going to replace once is molds or dies in my shower by perhaps meeting the same fate at my last body brush, which was doused with Raid to kill a giant silver fish that made its home on my brand new super luxe bar of soap, sad. Anyway, I found mine at Whole Foods, but you can find it online at Amazon. If you struggle with Backne (worst word ever!), might I suggest pairing this with Neutrogena Clear Body Wash. Nothing works better, literally nothing. Except for this Clinique Body Spray that was discontinued, that worked like a charm and removed a step from my shower routine, saving me two minutes, which I would later use when I inevitably changed my mind about my outfit and put on the first thing I tried on.

*Above image used without permission from HERE