I have a general bag obsession, its been a while since I got one, sort of, ok not really. Anyway, these are the curent bags I’m eyeing. Enjoy!

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Etsy Finds ||| B R I G H T S



I love Etsy. Here are some picks this week that are so bright and perfect for summer. Enjoy!

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Color Love Fest: Grey


Lovin’ grey for spring…. Read More

Want v. Need

Image (12)

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I want a Tepee for inside my apartment. Read More

Print Lovin’


Clearly, I’m currently in some sort of nesting mode (I hate that word, nesting, ugh). Nevertheless, all I want to do is update my space, all the time. Here are some prints I’ve been eyeing. Enjoy!  Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 17: Lip Balm & Treatment Round Up

little wing

For this post, I thought I would round up previous posts about lip balm and lip treatments that I reviewed before the Lipstick Challenge began. These products are so great, that I would hate for them not to be included.  Enjoy!  Read More

Happy 2013!

tassel lemon

I hope you all have a most awesome and safe New Years celebration. I myself am off to a Kundalini** Yoga Celebration this year, something different for sure, but I’m still hoping to wear my glitter blazer anyway! Also, thank you so much for following and reading my blog in 2012, its been an amazing experience, cheers to a new year and new posts!

See you in 2013!

*Image used without permission from HERE, and can I tell you how long I have wanted that tassel for my office!?!?! Almost an eternity!

** Hari NYC, is not where I will be doing Kundalini this year, but Hari is my most favorite Kundalini teacher ever and she is the most wonderful and sweetest person too. If you are in NYC don’t miss the opportunity to go to one of her classes, really trust me, your life will be changed.

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