Smell like the Ocean and Thank Me Later

FIREBIRD: Saltwater Perfume Oil  and Lotion

$9.00 and  $8.00

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Saltwater Perfume Oil

I was immediately drawn to Firebird Bath & Beauty and their perfume oils because I love roll ons. I initially got some samples from their sample program, Saltwater, Honey and WoodsmokeVinilla. I was instantly in love with Saltwater. This scent described as, “a non-floral, non-tropical ocean scent consisting of marine notes, cedar and myrtle, that softens and mellows on the skin and becomes ethereal and almost haunting. Definitely unisex, definitely unusual.”

To me it smells like clean without that cloying clean scent that is often used in so much fragrance. Describing perfume is very hard, but this scent is amazing. I have shared it with numerous friends who have also fallen in love with it. It has universal appeal and smells great. I basically cannot stop sniffing my wrist.

Great price, great scent, perfect roll on for your purse. This is a no brainer gift for yourself or your best friend.

Saltwater Lotion

The lotion has a very subtle saltwater scent, which is great for layering and having the scent last all day, but what really stands out about this product is the lotion it self.

It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin super soft. I hate body lotion after the shower because its one more step, but this absorbs like a dream so I actually don’t avoid this step, and it leaves the best subtle scent behind. It has “avocado oil for a a luxurious feel, shea butter to protect and soothe, jojoba and grapeseed oils for weightless emollience without that greasy feeling. Aloe vera hydrates and nourishes and silk amino acids provide a silky smooth afterfeel. Loaded with antioxidant vitamins and 96% natural.”

I keep this on my desk too and slather it on all day. The clean scent is amazing and I really can’t get enough of it, but the way it leaves my hands so soft is worth going back for more. Now if only Firebird Bath and Beauty made a laundry soap, hand soap and counter top cleaner in this scent!

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