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Desert Essence Jojoba Oil


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Jojoba oil is the haps. This stuff is amazing, I’ve been using it for years and I am always coming up with new ways to put it to use.

First, I keep a bottle in the shower and use this instead of moisturizer. It does not travel in your hand too much so you don’t end up with a slippery shower. This keeps winter dry skin at bay, and you save time by moisturizing in the shower.

Second, I put some of this on a cotton ball/pad and use it to remove eye makeup. Unlike so many other eye make up removers, this does not sting and takes off even waterproof mascara.

Third, I put this on the bottom portion of my hair, wrap it in a bun, sleep with it over night and wash it out in the morning and bam, awesome hair.

Fourth, I put this on my face as a spot treatment for dry patches. Yes, my face, oil on my face, everyone is doing it, no really they are, it seems like every company right now has their own magic oil. The molecular structure of jojoba oil is almost the same as your sebum, so it does not clog pores and does a great job of moisturizing in the dead of winter. You can even put this on as a mask, and wash it off, leaving your face super smooth.

Jojoba Oil, is so often used in fancy face oils, and its so basic, you can add other oils together with jojoba oil to make your own blend and save a ton of money. Jojoba oil though, on its own, is super rad, its basically liquid gold.

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Calm me down

Irie Star Blissoma Smooth A+ Moisture Serum $21.50

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About a two months ago I was having a major skin freak out. Nothing made my skin normal and clear and everything made my face burn and breakout.  A horrible combination, suddenly sensitive skin that is breaking out. This combo is the worst because, what you need to combat the acne is harsh so that made my face burn. I could do nothing. All I was looking for was something to calm my skin down and rein it in, you know, bring it back to a point where it was not burning. Continue reading