Calm me down

Irie Star Blissoma Smooth A+ Moisture Serum $21.50

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About a two months ago I was having a major skin freak out. Nothing made my skin normal and clear and everything made my face burn and breakout.  A horrible combination, suddenly sensitive skin that is breaking out. This combo is the worst because, what you need to combat the acne is harsh so that made my face burn. I could do nothing. All I was looking for was something to calm my skin down and rein it in, you know, bring it back to a point where it was not burning.

Oddly, I think the product was suggested to me on Amazon, and I read the reviews and they were really positive so I gave it a whirl. My package arrived super quick and I immediately slathered it on hoping to get some relief. I was super happy with the results. My skin drank it up, and my skin began to calm down. Even thought it’s oil it did not leave my face with any additional shine and did not make me greasy either. After using it for a month I had no breakouts and my skin calmed down. I then stopped using it for about a month because my skin was calmed. After a month I mixed it back in with my regime and had a huge colossal breakout. No idea if it’s related but I will not be purchasing this again only because it might have caused this bad breakout. In my opinion a great product for non-acne prone skin, as it does make your face super smooth with the right amount of moisture. Oh, also it’s perfect under make up.

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