99 Red Ballons

Ilia 99 Red Ballons Review

I love a good red lip, I really do. I think its the easiest way to look pulled together in an instant without really trying to hard.  Read More


Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Pouch

I think its safe to say that a lot of women (and men too!) have this problem– which is that they carry too much unnecessary shit in their everyday bag. I never think I do this, that is until I travel and I cram everything in my purse into one of my carry-ons. Traipsing through the airport it all becomes abundantly clear, I am a purse hoarder. Over the weekend I traveled a ton, by plane, by car and by train and I got stuck in a flight delay/cancelation 24 hour debacle and with all of the magazines I bought to pass the time my bag weighed a ton. When I got home and unpacked I realized I had four cosmetic bags in my purse–complete over kill.  Read More

Lust List


Here are a few beauty products that I am currently lusting after hardcore. Enjoy! Read More

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