Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Pouch

I think its safe to say that a lot of women (and men too!) have this problem– which is that they carry too much unnecessary shit in their everyday bag. I never think I do this, that is until I travel and I cram everything in my purse into one of my carry-ons. Traipsing through the airport it all becomes abundantly clear, I am a purse hoarder. Over the weekend I traveled a ton, by plane, by car and by train and I got stuck in a flight delay/cancelation 24 hour debacle and with all of the magazines I bought to pass the time my bag weighed a ton. When I got home and unpacked I realized I had four cosmetic bags in my purse–complete over kill. 

One of the big things in my purse or rather small but abundant things is lip products. I counted  I had 13 lip products, seriously. I kept counting I had 1 face powder, 2 concealers, a BB cream, 1 hand cream, 3 pens, 1 notebook, 2 face towel’s, 2 business card holders (3 sets of cards, kind of impt), 2 perfumes, 1 eyeliner, 1 pack of tissues, mints, matches, breath strips, a hair brush, ginger crews, nail file, cuticle oil and a bracelet. OVER KILL. I barely touched half of this stuff.

So, the first thing I did was get a new cosmetic bag, obviously, something a bit more roomier and something I could easily spot in my bag which is actually more like a sac and has no pockets. Therefore a cosmetic bag that is  bold and findable is key. I began pairing down.

The biggest hurdle was the lip stuff, clearly.

Its hard because you totally need a balm, a clear gloss, something red/natural but laid back, a bold red and a bold pink. You really do need all of these things, things come up. The latter, the bold red and bold pink was hard because there are so many choices, red oranges, blue reds, hot pinks, matte pinks– it all became too much. But then, I stumbled upon this genius bold lip solution smaller than your iPhone and the average lip gloss.

Bite Beauty Lip Layers

Bite Beauty put out this super smart lip duo called lip layers. It is double ended and contains a bold pink and a bold red lipstick, solving the “which do you choose red or pink lipstick problem.” Both colors are awesome, though I am partial to the red. Its the size of slim lip balm (maybe a touch bigger) and its height is not even as tall as an iPhone. To give you an idea when side by side with an iPhone it comes right up to the date. I had heard chatter about Bite Beauty but never gave it a second thought, because for super color pay off I usually go with lip stuff from Nars and ILIA. But I was super impressed with the formula, it was really creamy, and the color payoff, incredibly bright. Honestly, the formula really got me, it goes on really smooth, does not tug and does not feel super drying– my lips are super parched right now and it felt fine on my lips. Basically, I’ll give up my 13 lip products, with the exception of a balm in exchange for this super tiny lipstick gem.

My bag just got a a whole lot lighter.

Shop it HERE

4 thoughts on “LIGHTEN UP!

    1. Its hard not to leave home with EVERYTHING. I’ve reduced since this post, but as the time between bag cleanings gets greater, so does the stuff in my purse and then it weighs a TON.

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