50 Shades of Grey

Julep Nail Varnish in Meryl


More info HERE. The above image is from Sephora which has a grey polish set by Julep more info HERE

The funny thing about the color grey is that it can look purple or even blue. I have learned this lesson many times. Including the paint on my walls. Rewind to January 2012, when I embarked on painting my apartment. I picked out a million of those paint swatches, all in shades of grey. I settled on 5 colors all different shades of grey and neutral. I packed up my stuff and headed to my parents for a week while my apartment got painted. While the painting actually took 3 weeks, the first week I decided to return home and check the progress. Well. My walls were not grey, they were purple, my bedroom was baby purple perfect for a five year old’s room and the office was a band-aid flesh color. FML basically. Continue reading