50 Shades of Grey

Julep Nail Varnish in Meryl


More info HERE. The above image is from Sephora which has a grey polish set by Julep more info HERE

The funny thing about the color grey is that it can look purple or even blue. I have learned this lesson many times. Including the paint on my walls. Rewind to January 2012, when I embarked on painting my apartment. I picked out a million of those paint swatches, all in shades of grey. I settled on 5 colors all different shades of grey and neutral. I packed up my stuff and headed to my parents for a week while my apartment got painted. While the painting actually took 3 weeks, the first week I decided to return home and check the progress. Well. My walls were not grey, they were purple, my bedroom was baby purple perfect for a five year old’s room and the office was a band-aid flesh color. FML basically.

Where my greys at?

While I could not afford to repaint the bedroom or office, I was able to stop the painting of the other rooms. And thankfully, my friend Sophia came to the rescue with Annapolis Grey by Benjamin Moore. The perfect color. Crisis averted.

But this color blindness does not stop at my walls. Countless times I would find the perfect grey for my nails only to find out in full sunlight that it was actually, purple or blue. This happened countless times. That was until I found Julep polish in Meryl. Its the most perfect shade of grey, a deeper grey than a cloud grey but lighter than cement grey. Its perfect.

Since purchasing it, I have painted my nails twice with it, once with an overlay of multicolor sparkle and earlier today  just by itself.

Its perfect. Also, Julep polish’s last quite a long time, and are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde

* Above image used from HERE without permission

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