Lipstick Challenge Day 30 (The End): My Favorites


Well, the lipstick challenge was overwhelming. There is just too much to say on the subject and too many lipsticks to try. But, after reviewing my stock, I have to say I’ve come away with new faves and old standbys. These are my picks.  Continue reading

Lipstick Challenge: Day 1


Stilla Long Wear Lip Color in Coquette $20.00 at Sephora

Described as a soft rose sheen this color is actually the perfect nude or the perfect nude is a soft rose. Either way, I had been eyeing this for a while and picked it up over the summer. Continue reading

Toxic Tuesday on a Friday

Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks


More info HERE

I love lip products. Clearly. So when a lip product comes out that promises a hint of color that says my lips just look like this normally, not overdone but balanced perfectly between subtle and obvious, I am hooked. Continue reading

Whats in my bag Wednesday?

What’s in my bag Wednesday, just a few of the things currently on my ‘I can’t leave home with out’ list

Dickinson’s Original Which Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes:

These wipes are perfect, because they provide the right kind of clean without leaving a residue. With one swipe your face  feels super clean and never tight. If you have to at the end of a long day be somewhere else and need to freshen up these are great, the which hazel is a fantastic pick me up the effect on your face is super cooling. The best part is that they are individually wrapped so your not carrying around a huge pack of something, just one little wipe.

I also use these when I travel for the end of my flight to freshen up, because seriously what is with that gross post flight feeling? I have been traveling a lot lately and I just can’t handle it. Well these wipes take care of that. You can probably use them anywhere not just your face, so they double as hand an body wipes if you are really in a pinch. As an added bonus these wipes are 100% natural and contain no nasty stuff. Pretty awesome.

Burt’s Bees Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment with Kokum Butter:

This is one of the best balms I have ever used. That is quite a statement considering that I have about 100, no joke. But this one is so awesome, that I immediately purchased a new one, not even before it was out, but when it was running low. When I was studying for the bar, I compulsively put this on (being indoors, the AC really took its toll, that and well malnutrition. Sorry Mom!). Super moisturizing, and not addictive it really delivers just pure moisture and leaves a nice sheen on your lips perfect for a low maintenance look.

EO Hand Sanitizer Spray:

In my last ‘What’s in my bag Wednesday’ I posted about hand sanitizer. I really do go through a ton. I like this one because it so slim and takes up little room in my bag, I carry a lot so this is huge selling point. What gets me with this one is the scent though. Its lavender, I use L’Occitane hand crem sometimes, and the scent is pretty much a dead ringer for L’Occitane but without the huge price tag. The scent is great to use whenever a gross situation on the Subway is happening, one little spray, and whatever weird smell is happening is instantly forgotten and I am instantly calmed, or at least, all I smell is this, which sometimes is exactly what you need on a crowded rush hour train.

Maybelline New York Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss in Color 150:

So, while this is decidedly not so green, its the perfect color, the perfect red. Its super bright, and lasts a while and leaves no unsightly marks on your glass or a weird red ring on your lips. The color is great and makes me look instantly like I have put effort into my appearance which is not always the case, but nevertheless its nice to look pulled together. I always have a red lipstick or gloss in my purse, and right now this is my go to. I tried my friend’s Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip Stick in Fiery, and this one by Maybelline is a very close match in color, texture and function, for a fraction of the Stila price, even more reason to love this super dope stain gloss.

The right moment

RMS Lip Shine in Moment, $25.00

More info:

I have been meaning to try RMS forever. They have a great concept and are a safe alternative to conventional make up that can, according to the RMS founder, be very toxic. I really wanted to try the products but was hesitant to without trying on some colors, so I went to Shen Beauty and played around. I read a bunch of reviews of this color and product online which did not great reviews at all. Many of the reviews said it was too orange or brown. I did not find this to be true at all. The color is a great subtle nude, something I am really into right now the “my lips but better look”. They say the perfect color for you is the inside color of your lip. This definitely for me is the perfect color. It just looks great and relaxed. Maybe not something to wear if you want more of an impact but is perfect for all other times when you want to look put together. It does not have high shine, more of a noticeable healthy moistness. I find that since purchasing it, I have not reached for my lip balm at all. And have brought it out with me every time, I can’t seem to leave it at home. It does not dry out my lips and does not leave me with that addictive drying feeling that other lip products can.

A great nude, great that it is a food grade natural lip product. Very moist and very pretty on the lips.