Toxic Tuesday on a Friday

Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks


More info HERE

I love lip products. Clearly. So when a lip product comes out that promises a hint of color that says my lips just look like this normally, not overdone but balanced perfectly between subtle and obvious, I am hooked.

I looked for this little limited edition tube for weeks before finding it in Pink Truffle at Bloomingdale’s online. The Honeyed Tea version is still available at Bobbi Brown online. 

I love the color, its like a dusty rose, that mimics what my lips would look like if they were slightly darker. The color provides a great contrast that makes my other features pop without having an overdone lip, which is both difficult to maintain during the day, and also sometimes not appropriate.

The tube is super small, but you really need a drop the size of a pin point to give your lips color. I tried it on my cheeks and was not in love, as much as I was for the Tom Ford Lip and Cheek Stain, which does wonders on both lips and cheeks.

What this product lacks in versatility, it completely delivers for your lips. Perfectly work appropriate, and great for when you don’t want to look like your trying. This dusty rose color is the color I search for all the time, and replicate over and over again, but what I love about this is that it is super creamy and does not dry out my lips and goes on great over a nice base of lip balm, i.e. it does not slide off!  Also, since the tube is super small, you can easily add it to your bag during the day without sacrificing space for other things.

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