Thirty Seconds or Less


Mychelle Dermaceuticles White Cranberry Cleanser, $17.29 & at Whole Foods

A cleanser either dries out your skin or keeps the moisture in balance. It either removes your makeup or it doesn’t. It makes you break out or it keeps your skin clear. It basically either works or it doesn’t and you can tell pretty quickly. Read More

My Current Make-up Routine




RMS Un-Cover up – the prefect base/concealer/magic in a totally totable little jar! Read More

The lip balm chronicles continue

Sprout Lip Balm in Cinnamon


More info HERE

Any reader of this blog knows how much I love lip balm. I have not counted my stash of lip products recently, that could be another post, but I know that its at least 100. Nevertheless, when it comes to most lip balms I have not that much to say, they are balms, they are okay. But sometimes I come across a balm that I cannot stop applying. Sprout lip balm did not start out that way. Read More

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