The lip balm chronicles continue

Sprout Lip Balm in Cinnamon


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Any reader of this blog knows how much I love lip balm. I have not counted my stash of lip products recently, that could be another post, but I know that its at least 100. Nevertheless, when it comes to most lip balms I have not that much to say, they are balms, they are okay. But sometimes I come across a balm that I cannot stop applying. Sprout lip balm did not start out that way.

I received my first Sprout Lip balm in my October BirchBox, the Cocoa version. I personally hate chocolate flavor lip balms with a passion, they gross me out, so one swipe and taste of it turned me off, preventing me from experiencing this lip balm’s awesome powers.

Last week, I finally ordered some Sprout Skincare products (review to come next month), and in my package I received an extra, a lip balm, but this time in the Cinnamon flavor. Well, let me tell you. Its amazing. First its less cinnamon and more clove (a favorite of mine), the flavor coming from the Organic Cardamom and Cinnamon Oils.

The balm itself tingles a little bit and leaves a really nice subtle shine. But the best part is that this stuff is that it actually moisturizes. Often times, even the best lip balms can dry you out, but not Sprouts balms. With only five ingredients that are all organic it is no wonder this tiny little stick packs so much moisture.

I can’t tell you how much lip balm I go through and own, but this little guy is amazing. I want to put it on all the time.  I make my own lip balm too, so my standards are pretty up there, but this one is truly amazing. Sprout’s Lip Balm are super emollient which makes it one of my new favorites, especially for winter.

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8 thoughts on “The lip balm chronicles continue

    1. Awesome. I am going to be reviewing their cleanser, toner and creme next month so check back then! Sprout is so great!

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