Ilia Arabian Knights, nothing to do with the Disney movie Aladdin


Ilia Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights $24

I’ve been eyeing, Ilia Beauty products for a while, but did not see a need really because I have such an abundance of lip products. I really do. But as my commitment to a safer beauty routine intensifies, I knew I should at least replace my daily lip color with something safer and save my less safe lip products for special occasions to limit my exposure to potentially toxic ingredients. So I bit the bullet. What did I think?

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Stories of Procrastination


Lotus Wei Inspired Action Mist $40.00

So, I’ve been preparing for a big licensing exam for the last two and a half months, and in recent weeks my procrastination in studying had gotten out of control. I came across Lotus Wei around the same time I was fed up with my procrastination and inevitable internet holes and I decided to pull the trigger because the reviews on Lotus Wei’s site were just so positive. Read More

Lust List


Here are a few beauty products that I am currently lusting after hardcore. Enjoy! Read More

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