Ilia Arabian Knights, nothing to do with the Disney movie Aladdin


Ilia Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights $24

I’ve been eyeing, Ilia Beauty products for a while, but did not see a need really because I have such an abundance of lip products. I really do. But as my commitment to a safer beauty routine intensifies, I knew I should at least replace my daily lip color with something safer and save my less safe lip products for special occasions to limit my exposure to potentially toxic ingredients. So I bit the bullet. What did I think?

The Ilia Lip Conditioner is amazing. I ordered a Spirt Beauty Lounge Deluxe Sample Kit (totally worth it) and tried a bunch of products including a few of Ilia’s products. I immediately fell in love with the color Arabian Knights. The minute I swiped it on, it completely brightened my face and looked just insanely perfect. Dark and strong in the tube, when applied it provides the nicest sheerest wash of color I can only describe as a really natural berry stain flush. The Lip Conditioner itself, is quite moisturizing, but I like to layer it over lip balm for extra moisture. With one swipe the color is soft and sheer, and with a few swipes its brighter a bit more intense but never dark or goth, despite the fact that in the tube that is what it looks like.

I reach for this all the time. All the time. I use it daily as my go to color and has replaced a myriad of other lip products in my purse. I love it not only for its amazing color, but also because its totally a natural lip product that I can feel good about applying.

I also have Neon Angle not a Lip Conditioner, but a full on lipstick. Neon Angle is a super bright neon fuchsia/pink. It is the perfect dupe for Nars Schiap, really I tried them side by side. There is zero color difference. I love it. The formula for Neon Angle is more matte and lasts for quite a while, but not forever, it is natural mind you. Overall, I am totally smitten with Ilia and already have my eye on another Lip Conditioner color called Bang Bang, which is a nice translucent red with orange undertones.

These are just such glam natural lip products with color pay off that is just so incredible  I really can’t stop playing with them.

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