Waiting for my Ruca

RMS Lip Shine in Sublime


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I reviewed RMS Lip Shines before in the color Moment a few months ago. But Sublime, Sublime is quite another story.

If I didn’t already want to purchase everything that RMS makes, Sublime has pushed me over the edge. This stuff is amazing. For real, I want to put this on all day, all the time.

The color is very very bright in the tub. And when you put it on the back of your hand its also super bright. But when you put it on your lips, oh my– its the most subtle pink ever. I never thought I would be a pink pink person because I am really partial to berries, cherries and dark lip stains, but this color is perfection. It looks like your lips but better, aka the holy grail, but it gives a softness, that I would not have thought I was looking for. It makes your lips look like pillows, and the pink color of Sublime just enhances your natural lip color in this way that says, I have nothing on but I look great. Can you tell that that is that product that I am always searching for, the product that gives an effortlessness and a pulled together look simultaneously Well, this lip color is it. It may look like bubblegum pink in the pot, but it really is totally complete perfection on your lips.

Dark stain lovers, this might actually be what you you have been looking for the whole time, seriously!

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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