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Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint Blackcurrent Review


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that I F-ING love lip products. I went to the BITE BEAUTY SoHo store a few weeks ago for some custom lipstick (a post on that later this week), and this gem caught my eye.

I picked it up a few weeks later at Sephora because I really needed an easy to apply lip color. Something I could apply without a mirror, at work,  to give my face a bit of a pop and moisturize. Anyway, I was drawn to this lip product because their other lip products are so moisturizing while still having major color pay off.

This is a great product. Its definitely in the lip balm category of things. It moisturizes really well, leaving my lips saturated with moisture. The color is a subtle berry stain thats pretty spot on for Fall, its noticeable without being over the top. The best part is that I can apply it without a mirror and not have to worry about it getting all over the place.  Its quite similar to Clinique Black Honey in color but this color works a bit better with my coloring.

Shop it HERE

Ripe Shop


I’d been eyeing Ripe Shop for a while, like I mentioned the other day, packaging really gets me on Etsy when it comes to beauty products, Ripe Shop is totally one of those shops.  Read More

Nipple Balm for your Lips?

dr.lipp nipple balm for lips review

I love a good lip balm. So how does this nipple balm hold up, on my lips? Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 30 (The End): My Favorites


Well, the lipstick challenge was overwhelming. There is just too much to say on the subject and too many lipsticks to try. But, after reviewing my stock, I have to say I’ve come away with new faves and old standbys. These are my picks.  Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 26: Retro European Love


Kamille Lip Balm by Herbacin $4.45

Holy, retro European lip balm goodness. I am in love.  Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 25: The French do it Better


Homeoplasmine, $24.99

This stuff is amazing. On the lips its pure matte, velvet moisture love (if thats a thing), but in a pinch the other day I slathered this on my hands for some quick relief from the dry, cracking hands that winter has decided to bestow. I know I mention a lot of hand cream on the blog, but what I don’t mention is that as the temperature dips even more, I need more moisture, I need more help, my hands are getting out of control. Peeling cuticles, cracking knuckles, dry patches you name it my hands have it- and its not pretty.  Read More

Lipstick Challenge Day 24: Aesop


Aesop Rosehip Seed Oil Lip Cream, $13.00  or online

So, the other day when I was at my new favorite store Space 519 in addition to picking up some pots of RMS magic, I also picked up this lovely lip cream.  Read More

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