Lightning Paw

Lightening Paw by OLO


Oh how I have tossed and turned about purchasing this. I really hemmed and hawed. I would have had to buy it online and fragrance is so specific, so I didn’t know if I would like it- could I return it, etc.? But the description was so well done, and the packaging so lovely, that I just kept coming back. Nevertheless I never did purchase it.

So when I was in CatBird  last week I was so excited when in the back corner of this lovely store I stumbled upon it. At last! I could finally smell it in person. And at first whiff I was not in love, I was totally turned off. I was like this, THIS is what I was obsessed with for such a long time? Ugh. But then, about a half hour later I kept being like what is that smell. It was not until about an hour later when I thought the same thing, that I realized it was ME. It was the Lightening Paw. Described as “free-spirited and feminine without even trying to be,” it contains bergamot, vanilla, jasmine, patchouli & wood.

But I think it smells like earthy, light and dark, smokey and sweet and lightly powdery. I think I just described every scent under the sun, but really. This dries down to the most amazing scent ever. And its so subtle. Just creeping up to be noticed when you’ve forgotten you’ve put it on. Its just so nice, and unexpected. It’s a little strong too, if you breathe too deeply, but I also have a cold so it could be that.

I don’t know. Now I’m even more obsessed because of having been obsessed, not liking it and then loving it. What is this stuff? I don’t know but I want to be a Lightening Paw myself.

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