King of Skin

Lush moisture bomb aka Lush King of Skin


The thing about some things is that they fill a niche that you didn’t even know was inadequate or simply not working. I use oil, sesame, jojoba or grapeseed to moisturize post shower, but it can be costly, and just plain boring. Enter the Lush moisture bomb, or Lush’s King of Skin. It’s about the size of a halved apple and contains the most amazing ingredients for moisturizing which include “supremely moisturizing fresh bananas and avocados,” which are “whipped into a luxurious, skin soothing base of oat milk and lavender.”

Post shower, you take this disk and rub it all over your body, the bar heats up because you fresh out of the shower and bam your moisturized- no rubbing in, you are basically ready to go. You have to let it sink in a little, but not too much, nothing worth bitching about, a minute maybe two. I love this stuff. My skin gets particularly parched in the winter, with tons of dry patches and this really does the trick. No tight skin here just super moisturized skin.

The key to making this disk last is to NOT keep it in your shower, you have to keep it just outside, the moisture kills it. I kept my first one in the shower and it lasted about two weeks, at 14 bucks a pop, I was a bit dismayed, but the second time around I am super happy at how long it lasted. Totally worth it based convenience factor alone. I hate moisturizing in the winter because it takes time, its cold—but not with this guy, nope, King of Skin makes it super easy to take care of your largest organ.

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