Getting a Handle on Things


EOS Hand Lotion in Nourish $5.72

The other night, while I was on my way out, on the train, my hand cream exploded or at least started to rip at the seams. Obviously with it being winter and all, I needed head cream ASAP. 

I stopped in a local Walgreens before making it to my destination, and stood amongst the hand creams. This caught my eye before, but I thought it smelled weird, I decided to give it a whirl again because I really liked the packaging.

While this is not by any means a thick, luxe hand cream, what it does do its instantly moisturize when your hands are chapped or super dry. The best part is that it dries to a powdery finish so you can get back to whatever you were doing before quicker, something I really appreciate when I am out and about. The smell fades super quick and its not anything remarkable, which is good with a hand cream.

Pretty much a really great hand cream for your purse.

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