What to Wear: Wedding Season 2013 Part 1


So this Spring & Summer I have two weddings, same group of friends, therefore I need two dresses. Usually, I have a standard dress/outfit, but I wore that to our another wedding in the same group of friends a few years ago ( the dress is timeless). Nevertheless I’ve been on the hunt.

When my BFF Rose got married two years ago I waited till two months before the wedding to get a dress (requirement of the bride that it be colorful) I could not find anything. Everything was WHITE. Last summer I had four weddings, every dress style I liked WHITE. What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this? Well anyway, these are some dresses I am eyeing for this year’s weddings. Even though I am super short I am in love with Maxi dresses, I guess that means I need to find some really high heeled shoes?

+ Dress with Yellow Belt ( my top pick)

+ Multi Colored Maxi Dress

+ Blue Maxi Dress

+ Ikat Maxi Dress

Come on and comment!

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