It must be in the water or something….


Don’t worry friends I am not pregnant, but it seems that everyone is pregnant or just had a baby!  Which is great, but as a gift what do you get your friends or family? Duh, clothing? Don’t worry just because of the onslaught of babies this will NOT turn into a baby blog. These are my top baby clothing gift picks. I love this hat it is so cute, stripes are a fave of mine and baby should be just as stylish and  as a bonus I love that its handmade in NYC!  Chambray and ‘leather’ pretty much a combo I wear all the time, so why not baby?!?!?

+ Denim Jumpsuit

+ Booties

+ Baby Hat

+ Chambray Dot Onesie

+ Baby Fringe Mocs

Come on and comment!

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