Will Winter Dry Skin Ever Really End?


Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate $16.00

My face has been so dry lately, more so than usual that it warrants a comment or at least a post. I’ve been using not only jojoba oil on my face everyday but also some serious face lotions. But still, my face is dry and tight. I had this tube from France starring at me for a few months and decided it was time to try it out. 

IDK, it is suppose to be a staple in France, which is something that gets me every single time. Aside from moisturizing without being heavy, breaking me out or making me shiny, it really made my makeup go on super smooth. The tightness was gone and my skin was really healthy looking. I tend to shy away from primers as they break me out (except for this one) but using this as a base/primer or magic cream is great, so far so good.

I pretty much wonder why I didn’t reach for it sooner.

3 thoughts on “Will Winter Dry Skin Ever Really End?

  1. Nick and Sam (pixiwoo) NEVER stop talking about this stuff so it must be good. And for some reason I thought it was like $40 because they have expensive taste. Glad to see it’s only $16! Glad you found something you like. 🙂

    1. Yeah this stuff is really great. I use an acne treatment, a serum, a moisturizer and then this and it’s not over the top moisture wise and I never get overly shiny. It really is the perfect base.

      What is the blog you referenced that mentions this stuff?

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