Genius Idea: A Coat Check for Your Drink

Image (15)The other night I went to see The Cave Singers at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. First, the show was amazing and I was totally blown away by the bands energy, it was a really good night. Second, the Empty Bottle was such a cool laid back venue and everyone who worked there was so nice, I want to just hang out there all the time. But the best part of the whole night was what is pictured above, its basically a coat check for your drink when you step outside. SO F- ING SMART! You put your drink down and remember your number and pick it up when you are back inside, its right by the door guys so you don’t really have to worry about getting roofied or something (though I am sure they would disclaim any sort of guarantee on that last part). Either way, this was the highlight of my night, this is just so smart and I was completely blown away by its simplicity- other bars take note.

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