Lazy Girl


I am the laziest person when it comes to shaving. I just replaced my razor cartridge after something like 3 months of daily shaving ( I like to be smooth all the time, even in winter). Just like my razor cartridge’s I don’t really use shaving cream, I use Dr. Bronner’s or a similar Castile Soap. It works, but its just easy, thats’s why I like it. I don’t know but there is something about shaving cream in a traditional can that just bothers me- its just not easy to use. But then, I started to have some issues, get ready for an overshare.

I started to have some armpit trouble. Serious weirdness started. Peeling skin, ingrown hairs,  bumps, severe allergic reactions to my hippie deodorant-you name it, it was starting. At least it was winter right? No one could see it, and I’m lazy about the gym, so really no one could see it, except for me. But it was painful and really, thinking ahead to summer I knew I needed to find a solution. Financially, I can’t get lazer hair removal so until then I needed to find a product to stop this horrific skin situation.

So I was in Space 519 and I saw this luxe tube of shave cream by the Cremo Company. I inquired and was curious enough and took it home. I would have bought seal fat it if promised to solve my problem, but that desperation is another story.

This stuff is great and really emollient. Its super easy to use and a little goes a long way. I get a pretty good shave and when I actually use it ( I still am lazy and reach for the Castile Soap frequently) I notice I get less bumps and my armpits are looking normal again, just in time for warmer temperatures and shorter sleeves. Woot!

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    Better yet, you can purchase all three of their women’s products for under $30, and they are all made right here in the good ole USA! They are on my list!

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