1940s Lipstick Solved


So, my lovely bride to be friend emailed me a few days ago with this question: “I am doing a vintage 1940’s hair and make-up. Any recommendations One Product At A Time lady?” I figured this was a concern for more than just my friend, so here is basically what I told her.

I have so many recommendations….

Nars Dragon Girl (my favorite RED of all F-ING TIME) or really any of their Matte lip pencils would be a good fit in terms of long lasting. You will need to exfoliate your lips prior to doing any red or bold lip (trust me- thats where you get flakiness). Go to Bloomingdales or someplace with a Nars counter (not Sephora) and try to find a good bold lip color. You might not be looking for red (might not go with your complexion- IDK, Dragon Girl is a blue red, you might need an orange red, you see where I’m going), so just be sure to tell her your going for a bold lip thats the most important information  Also make sure its the Nars Matte Lip Pencil. They have other lip pencils– which are great but more shiny (this is less 40s). 1940s hair and makeup is really in so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding what you want.

Also, if you get the red before your wedding, wear it a few times so you can see how it fades etc. If you looking for a creamy red lip, Stila makes a great long lasting lip gloss in Firey (its sold out) but try to find it at a Stila counter, and they have other reds like Beso etc…..  Also, I like Armour lip gloss, pretty long lasting, the fade is not unsightly which is what I really like about it.  Look at the Opaque collection, I have the color Barracuda and love it.
You might have to pick up a few, to find which works best for you, this last bit it probably the best advice.
Also, try the drug store, Really. I have a few good picks from the drug store that work really well, again you might have to buy like 10 colors to find one that works for you, but 10 lipsticks x $7 = $70 and thats less than the three (Nars, Stilla, Armour) I just recommended combined.
If you have to go to Sephora, go when its going to be least busy so they can really sit with you, otherwise it will be a waste and frustrating.

Come on and comment!

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