C O L O R & P A T T E R N L O V E


One of my BFFs who is aside from being incredibly sweet and awesome is super smart (soon to have her PhD in super complicated science stuff). She is also really into color and pattern. Anyway, earlier today she asked me to help her pull together a few outfits for her to wear as she attends a few super science-y conferences this spring. She is starting with this Blazer (above) from Anthropolgie, continue reading to see my picks for her to maintain her authentic color and pattern loving self while still being a bit professional. 

allison picks with stripe blazer

+ Rose Pants

+ Satchel

+ Polka Dot Blouse

+ Yellow Skirt

+ Orange Skirt

+ Striped Flats

+ D’Orsay Flats

+Polka Dot Flats

+ Teal Flats

Come on and comment!

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