Dose Market, Chicago IL

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So, today there is no Sunday AM Round Up, I am getting over a mega cold/flu/allergy mess and could not bring myself to round anything up because I’ve been sleeping since Thursday. Seriously. Today though I finally felt less like death and good enough to go to Dose Market in Chicago, IL. This was my first major outing in three days. 

Although expensive ($10 cover and $22 parking) the event was awesome and super fun. The food was great and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been eating weird things since I got sick– it was legitimately tasty!  There was some sausage from Indiana that was amazing, but what really stood out where these spring rolls from Embeya. So freakin’ good. Also the DRINKS, there were some great Bloody Marys and these honey wine drinks to sip while you shopped or to sip while sitting riverside (which is what we ended up doing, with the addition of more food from The Slide Ride)

Anyway, despite my complete congestion and runny nose I picked up perfume from Hidden Folk, I was wavering between Lavender v. Patchouli, the lavender won out– though I’ll have to get back to you with a review because I honestly can’t smell it. But I think eventually I’ll have to get the patchouli one because I do love a good patch smell! Also, the lovely lady behind  Milkhaus Design was there which was wonderful. I love love her stuff. I was really on the fence about adding another clutch to my life, but since seeing them in person, I can’t stop thinking about snagging one. Clearly on my must have list. On our way out we picked up some amazing locally made Kombucha, it tastes super light and refreshing without that burning after taste I think most Kombucha’s have and I love that its local.

The next Dose Market is May 12 from 10-4pm. Go and go hungry! It was a super great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and to reenter the world after the flu.

2 thoughts on “Dose Market, Chicago IL

    1. Thanks it was a terrible few days but on the upside/ brightside I was so sick that I quit smoking! So I’m pretty happy despite the lingering congestion….

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