Sunday AM Round Up


Just some lovely links from around the internet! Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend!

I lived in a yurt for a month, many years ao and it was wonderful, mind-blowing and awesome. It probably didn’t hurt that I was in the mountains above Santa Barbara overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but still the yurt part was great. I’ve been thinking of erecting one, you know once I find some land. But if you have the yurt itch, now you can have one too, if you want.

This is for my mom, the exterior designer of lovely amazing gardens. Mom if you are reading this (hope you are- my biggest fan) let’s go here, it sounds amazing.

Three moves for sexy calves… you know for summer.

Great apartment design under 400 square feet. Amazing!

Great travel makeup tips!

 On Friday, I went to a great dinner party where some things were foraged (ramps to be exact), now you can learn to Forage  in Chicago! I would be super worried about doing this in NYC– all those pesticides the parks department uses not to mention rat poison.

A peak into Ellen & Portia’s home– swoon cake!

Five ways to become a Morning Runner-who dosen’t want that!


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